Dread Media 550
Dread Media 550

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By Desmond Reddick
12 March 2018 — This week, Dread Media celebrates 550 episodes with a bit of alien-themed sci-fi / horror. First up, Duane joins Desmond to discuss Gareth Edwards' first feature: Monsters. Then Rich the Monster Movie Kid stops by to review Philip Kaufman's 1978 remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Of course, we've got some tunes so out of this world, they're probably made by aliens: "Alienized" by Volbeat, "Day 41: Every Walk a Quarantine" by Trap Them, "Body Snatcher" by Billy Idol, and "Invasion" by Nekrogoblikon.

Photography and collage ™ and © Darryll Doucette. All Rights Reserved.