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Dread Media 595
Dread Media 595

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By Desmond Reddick
21 January 2019 — This week on Dread Media, we have a real treat for you. For possibly the first time in the history of the show, we present a feature review that doesn't have Desmond in it. But Desmond is ridiculously proud to present a Roadkill Review of M. Night Shyamalan's Glass by the hosts of one of his all-time favorite movie podcast hosts: Derrick Ferguson and Tom Deja. Don't fear, Desmond comes back to review Intensive Care with Duane, where they discuss how the movie is like a Steven Seagal film starring a woman who is a private care nurse. Just go with us here. Finally, as if that wasn't enough, Tom comes back to review the Soska Twins' second foray into WWE-produced films: Vendetta. All that, and there are songs: "Steel and Glass" by Candlebox, "The Nurse Who Loved Me" by A Perfect Circle, "Exploitation" by Night Nurse, "Do As I Say" by Prison Book Club, and "Fight" by Early Man.