Dread Media 521
Dread Media 521

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By Desmond Reddick
21 August 2017 — It's a week of cinematic oddities this week on Dread Media with two weirdo Japanese films and a tribute to the late George Romero sandwiched in between. First up, Desmond and Duane try to go in depth on Sion Sono's bizarre film Tag. Then, Rich the Monster Movie Kid talks about his love for Romero's labor of love: Knightriders. Then DevilDinosaur Jr. goes back to 1973 to review the dreamlike rape / revenge animated Japanese film Belladonna of Sadness. Keep Dread Media weird! Songs include: "All of Our Lives Will GetTried" by Superjoint Ritual, "Tag, You're It!" by Alice Cooper, "Neon Knights" by Black Sabbath, "Sadder than You" by Fig. 4, and "She Lives in Color" by Shooter Jennings. Enjoy!

Photography and collage ™ and © Darryll Doucette. All Rights Reserved.