Dread Media 555
Dread Media 555

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By Desmond Reddick
16 April 2018 — This week on Dread Media, we take a look at a film that Darrell and Desmond have talked about a lot on and off the show, but they've never covered it. Until now. Ninja Scroll, the sleazy 1990s anime masterpiece, gets its due this week. Then, Desmond gives you the Dread Media Top Five animated horror films. On top of that, there are tunes: "Swordmaster" by 3 Inches of Blood, "Enter the Ninja" by Die Antwoord, "4/16/05 Saturday" by Fantomas, and "Gigantic" by Helmet. Enjoy!

Photography and collage ™ and © Darryll Doucette. All Rights Reserved.