Dread Media 714
Dread Media 714

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By Desmond Reddick
03 May 2021 — This week on Dread Media, we're paying tribute to genre titan Joe R Lansdale. First up, Tom joins Desmond to discuss the weird western film he produced, The Pale Door. Then, Desmond goes solo on the documentary about the man, All Hail the Popcorn King, and delivers a Dread Media Top 5 Starter Pack for Lansdale Fandom. Songs included: "19 Witches" by Monster Magnet, "Into the Coven" by Mercyful Fate, "Popcorn" by Bad Brains, "Uffe's Horroshow" by Entombed, and "I Want My Mojo Back" by Scott H Biram.

Photography and collage ™ and © Darryll Doucette. All Rights Reserved.