Dread Media has prided itself in being a consistent fount of information, reviews and interviews in the horror podcasting world every week since 2007. Below you'll find the bios of our most frequent contributors:

Darryll Doucette is a Production Designer in the Vancouver Film Industry. A career that would have never happened if not for the influence of Dread Media. He is crazy about movies and the process of making them. Always has been. Especially train movies.

A regular contributor since 2012, Duane Hicks is a journalist in the wild frontiers of Northwestern Ontario where life is hard, winter is a bitter wife who won't ever sign the divorce papers, and bears are mauled by people. His podcasting efforts serve to entertain listeners as well as signal to Them that he yet lives. Details of his unholy birth, and first death, are written in certain black tomes; only the curious and foolish seek them out. He will one day be a star.

The host and producer of Dread Media, Desmond Reddick is a writer and teacher living on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. He was bred on a steady diet of comics, heavy metal and horror books and movies. Nothing much has changed other than his hunger for these things constantly growing. He is insatiable, and must be stopped. His personal website is here: www.desmondreddick.com

Richard Chamberlain has been a contributor to Dread Media since 2015 after being a longtime listener. Living in the Kansas City Metro area, Richard is a blogger, podcaster and film critic. He’s a big kid at heart, still loving horror movies, sci-fi and comics. His website is at Kansas City Cinephile.